Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Not just ‘anywhen’ – a review of British Seasonal Food by Mark Hix.

First published by Quadrille in 2008, this is a new paperback edition for 2011.  Superbly photographed by Jason Lowe and peppered with illustrations by Marcus Oakley, reflecting the simplicity of the whole idea, go with the flow of the seasons.  It’s the book of ‘when’ and follows his ‘where’, British Regional Food, published in 2006. Hix argues that abstinence sharpens the taste buds, ‘the great thing about cooking with British ingredients in their true season is that you really do enjoy them that much more.’  British Seasonal Food is a culinary cornucopia stuffed with a riot of recipes set to cudgel the taste buds with the finest ingredients available.  This truly is a gem of a book.  The recipes offer a number of variations on each of the seasonal ingredients featured.  The seasons are introduced month by month in Hix’s own inimitable style.  It’s as if he’s sitting next to you and whispering in your ear, ‘shh, it’s a secret that only you know, it’s September, go pick some blueberries’.  Reading this book is like having your own personal trainer, you’ll be a toned up sage of seasonal produce.  Go buy it.

 153 recipes

Quadrille Publishing Ltd: London (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-84400-943-5

Available in the UK from 4th March 2011.

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