Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Love-in at Lochhouses

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, we opted for a spot of glamping booked through the Canopy & Stars website. We chose Lochhouses up in East Lothian. A saunter up there in Nan the Van enabled us to call in to Barter Books on the old station in Alnwick, and have a gander round the castle as our daughter Ruby is ploughing through Harry Potter like there's no tomorrow! It turned out to be a mistake as we bumped into one of my wife's former boyfriends in the guards tower.

Illicit affairs aside, we pressed on to Craster to stock up on the famous kippers (kippers in a tent - that's brave!), then on to our final destination by the sea. The site was amazing, backing on to a beautiful beach with views out to Bass Rock. The accommodation was spectacular, giving our old Orion 5 a run for its money. Floor boards, running water and a wood burning stove & oven. Within minutes we had the ham & chorizo casserole in the oven and were off down the beach, sledging down dunes.


As a seasoned tent camper and a recent VW convert, I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect from the world of glamping. It felt like camping, but not. Anyway, having the wood burner to play with kept me entertained first thing in the morning and I did manage to build up a rather neat wood pile by the side of the oven, proper hardwood an all! The kettle was always on in our tent.
The following morning saw us all trotting on the beach, thanks to the nearby Seacliffe Stables. Anna, Chunky, Joy and Scorcher (ridden by Wilf aged four!) carried us over the sands and through the crashing waves for an hour or so.

The fresh lobster and crab made for a perfect day really, that and the vintage bottle of Veuve Clicquot. 

Glamping? go on then if you insist!