Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Egg Banjo

A delicacy of the British Army, so named for its explosive properties and musical association!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Guyrope Gourmet cooks in five star restaurant

It's official, I'm now (emotionally at least) a struggling writer.  Having been recently 'off hired' from my position of Service Manager for a support service for victims of domestic violence, I have joined the realms of struggling writers worldwide.  A victim myself, of the machinations of a small voluntary sector organisation swimming against the tide in the coalition's 'Big Society' sea, I've taken a job in my local chippy. I'm learning the art of frying fish on a Florigo range.  Prime haddock, cooked to order. None of that fry it and pile it up in the hot box nonsense.  I have to admit, its a lot harder than the last job, but I'm starting to like it!  The Guyrope Gourmet gets a 'real' job in the catering trade!  If you're ever passing through Otley, call in and say hello.

Photo courtesy of Florigo web site

The Cove has been a regular feature in our family life for the past four years.  I've been in there on a Thursday tea time, more or less without fail, for that long.  Thursdays is fish & chip night in our house.  John, the owner, has had it for three and a half years.  When I told him of my recent predicament he offered me a job.  Now that's what I call customer service!

I'm merely a beginner with a lot to learn, but I can now proudly add 'frying fish' in a five star chippy to my culinary heritage.  It all started with learning how to cook my granddad's delicious soups, "plenty of pearl barley boy", he'd say in his soft Kentish accent.  Not long after that I graduated to my mother's Tatws Pum Munud, a traditional Welsh dish of potatoes, onion & bacon cooked in gravy.  By the time I sat CSE Home Economics, deep fried egg & chips seemed a natural progression.  I'll never forget the look on Mrs Walker's face when I told what I was doing for the final exam.  I failed! Still It wasn't wasted, I could cook her a lovely haddock if she ever dropped into the Cove!